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Scientific Research

ARG: I am Principal Investigator to the Amani Research Group (ARG). Our group focuses on developing sensors using nanotechnology for applications in biomedicine and the environment. Some of the sensors include noninvasive glucose sensors based of graphene composite transducer, ion sensors based of robust conductive polymers for water quality monitoring and physiological sensing, and nanofibers materials for smart bandage technology. We also work on characterizing materials for energy storage applications.

NanoRG: NanoRG core members are from the Department of Biotechnology Engineering and their activities can be found here.

nanoSkunkWorkX: I am the Chief Technologist and my Co-Founder/CEO is Mr. Iqbal Shamsul. The company focuses in commercializing my inventions that were developed during my USA days during my industrial training, and at IIUM. We are looking for potential local and international investors. Currently we are developing novel Rapid Test Kits for Covid 19.