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Mahmud Hussain

Mahmud Hussain (Undergraduate Intern)

B.Eng. candidate in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering,​International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak​
Contact: +601-64088543

I’m a final year undergraduate student with experience in plant & animal cell culture, downstream processing techniques, and molecular cloning. My areas of interest are biosensors, cell & tissue engineering, and synthetic biology. I hope to build a career in researching technologies that develop molecular therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  



Summary: Young students currently do not have access to literature written in layman’s terms on advanced science and technology which continue to shape the future of human society and civilization. This projects aims to initiate a series of books exploring topics in bionanotechnology written in simple terms that can be understood by high school, college, and undergraduate students, and the general public with a minimal background in science.

The first book of the series is on introductory concepts of biosensors. Written in a simplified form without scientific jargons and containing visually stunning illustrations to demystify complex scientific principles, the book seeks to present the exciting field of biosensors beyond the scientific community and aims to create awareness and garner interest among the Malaysian public on the technology of biosensors, its application, and its impact on society. 

Syed, B. S., Hussain, M. (2017). An Overview of Ethical Concerns in Re-Engineering the Human Body. Scholars Bulletin, 3(10). October 2017. uploads/2017/10/SB-310525-528.pdf