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Former IIUM Lecturer & Researcher

I was an Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. I was also the Deputy Director of Innovation and Commercialization at Research Management Center, IIUM, from 1st June 2020 – 30th June 2021. 

I served as the Head of International under the Kulliyyah/Faculty of Engineering in 2016, and as the Deputy Director of the Grant Initiative Unit, Research Management Center in 2017-2018, and Deputy Director of the Commercialization Unit, Research Management Center in 2018. Midway through my appointment as deputy director for Commercialization, I took an industrial attachment for 6 months on July 2018, before coming back to join the department in February 2019.

I work closely with industry and entrepreneurs in developing and commercializing nanotechnology driven devices and materials for applications in biomedicine and the environment.

Furthermore, I engaged closely with the community and work with local schools, NGOs, industries, and the US embassy in educating the society on STEM, and is a strong advocate for cross-pollination between the fields of arts and science (STEAM).

I am an active public speaker, and I was invited to speak at government organizations, learning institutions, NGOs, industries, and the general public.

I am a member of The Avengers – a group of young academics passionate about bringing positive change into Malaysia academia.

I am also the Principal Investigator to a Covid-19 task force where we are revolutionizing RTKs to replace conventional RT-PCR. Others efforts include developing new materials for PPEs and developing ion sensors to be integrated with hydroponics kit to address issues relating to food scarcity, especially focusing on urban communities.