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I Founded Sciency Artsy. My products aim to educate the public about science through arts. My first product which was launched in November 2018 is the Graphene Series Hijab, and you can check it out below.

About SciencyArtsy Hijab:

The essence of Sciency Artsy hijab combines the interplay between the beauty of arts and scientific principles and aims to educate society on the importance of cross pollination of science and arts to create an impactful product. We combine the work of both a passionate artist and an inspiring scientist to bring to you the world’s first Graphene Series hijab that is inspired by the 21st century wonder material called graphene. Just one atom thick, the 2D graphene sheets can be formed into vast array of 3D shapes, even into a patchwork football, where these different shapes can result in different movement of electrons. We hope you love the hijab as much as you are fascinated with graphene.

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Congratulations #TeamDrAmani for WINNING the MIT SOLVE Community Award.