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Ainul Atika Ahmad

Ainul Atika Ahmad (Final Year Project Student)

B. Eng in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering candidate​
​International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak
Contact: +6013-3136075 (mobile)

I’m a final year engineering students at IIUM with experience in electrospinning technology.  My current final year project is the application of electrospinning technology in order to fabricate nanofibers using PVA and ZEN graphene. My aim from this project is to study its characterization and further expose the potential of ZEN graphene as a smart bandage for wound healing.


Summary: Wound healing  a complex biological process which occurs after an injury takes place require a bandage  to facilitate the wound healing process. However, existing conventional bandage have some limitation such as the inability to enhance the process of wound healing and the inability to monitor the condition of the wound in real-time. A “smart” bandage – a plaster material that can improve and accelerate wound healing while providing status of wound condition is a novel development in tissue engineering. The aim of this study is to elucidate the properties of electrospun PVA-ZEN graphene, where ZEN graphene is a proprietary graphene obtained from high purity graphite from ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd, USA. In this project, PVA with the incorporation of ZEN graphene nanofibers will be fabricated through the process of electrospinning followed by crosslinking via UV light.

PVA/ZEN Graphene smart bandage for wound healing with specialized sensor that will administer drugs by monitoring the skin temperature and pH.
Schematic diagram of electrospinning set up.

Congratulations #TeamDrAmani for WINNING the MIT SOLVE Community Award.